Scorewell Education has been founded, guided and managed by a group of scholars from JU, IIT, IIM and some other top institutes in India & abroad with a passion in the education field. This is an after school study support facility for middle & senior school students where students will learn their school subjects (maths, science etc.) in an interesting & interactive way using ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), multimedia and other smart teaching systems. Our focus is to help them to build a strong foundation on the major subjects which will empower them to take competitive edge to go through the most challenging examinations at national and international level in future.


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  • Scholarships from 30% to 100% for meritorious students.
  • Free Branded Tablet PC.


  • Scorewell Education is a new name in the after school tuition field. However, the idea, methodology and resources they have introduced will significantly make difference in teaching and learning experiences and will surely make big difference to build foundation of the students. I am happy to be associated with him. Expect to see their success by producing more & more successful students.
    Ratnadeep Roy, Teacher
  • With Scorewell our son has been started scoring consistently high marks in Maths, which earlier used to be a very challenging & scaring subject for him. Through Scorewell’s videos & simulations, Maths is now very interesting to him. All the resources are so concise and to-the-point that now he has no difficulty in understanding the subject. He is now a regular high scorer in Math in his school.
    Rajiv Ranjan & Tapati Dhar, Parent
  • Scorewell is just awesome. It has syllabus as per the board curriculum and it is so easy & interesting for me to learn. All the tests in Scorewell helped me a lot in my studies & preparation for the exam. I secured good grades and I wish Scorewell best of luck for promotion of its new learning system. You’re doing a great job.
    Neha Chaudhury, Student