Through our experience we have seen that children learn differently as per their individual learning styles from the four major styles viz. Visual, Aural, Read/Write &Kinesthetic. Similarly teachers teach using their own styles. It is, therefore, highly possible that a great teacher may not be so effective even for a meritorious & hard working student due to the incompatibly of their teaching & learning styles. Moreover, generally learning is most effective in a collaborative environment where one can easily share his /her thoughts, ideas and understandings with the others and get it clarified. With these understanding we have tried to create a learning& teaching environment where not only the teachers will use the most advanced level of technologies to deliver the contents to support all kind of learning styles uniformly but also the students will also get a collaborative platform to nurture the concepts within the groups and with the teachers. A few highlights on our classroom, resources, methodologies and learning facilities are as hereunder:-

1. CCTV monitored AC classrooms with advanced audio-visual equipments to ensure best teaching and learning environment.
2. Faculties are of very high scholastic background and trained with these modern teaching tools and methodologies.
3. We have evolved an innovative iLearn(Integrated Learning)methodology which is not only very interesting for the students to learn new concepts but also it is very powerful & effective to retain those concepts in their brain forever.
4. Smaller class size (10-12 students per batch) for better individual attention and collaborative environment.
5. Structured contents and study materials to support the iLearn methodology. This includes smart scheduling for each subject to performance tracking of individual students with remediation action using our own IT infrastructure.
6. Some of our facilities & services will also be available through web (internet) backed by 24X7 support in near future.
7. Each student will be mentored by our career counseling expert after analyzing individual SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Trends) analysis. This will be backed by our career advisory services which will help the parents and the students to be well informed regarding different professional courses in India & abroad, admission requirement & procedure, future possibilities etc.