Scorewell Education has been founded, guided and managed by a group of scholars from JU, IIT, IIM and some other top institutes in India & abroad with a passion in the education field. The teaching & learning system has been designed to make a solid foundation for our future generation in terms of concept development primarily in mathematics and science subjects and be most competitive at national & international level in future. The objective is to create a distinguished difference in the after school education support system through systematic and disciplined approach using most advanced methodologies and learning systems for delivering the best available contents. Our philosophy and focus is not just for securing the marks but for developing the real command on the subjects; marks will automatically follow.

The key differentiators are:-

1. ICT & web enabled classroom with CCTV & audio visual aids to create an advanced learning environment.

2. Use of rich multimedia contents & real life videos, animation, simulation, virtual labs etc. for better understanding and concept development.

3. Use of advanced tools, techniques and teaching methodologies to clear abstract concepts with real life interpretation.

4. Scholars from top universities/institutes specifically trained to deliver the contents to ensure the students will also take the similar success route they have followed.

5. Continuous evaluation and remedial system to ensure best performance of each individuals.

6. Parents teacher engagement supported by career guidance & counseling by experts.

7. Printed study materials for rigorous practice and reference study.

Scholarships for the meritorious & deserving students.

8. Scholarships for the meritorious & deserving students.