Research reveals that human being learn in four major styles viz. Visual, Aural, Read/Write & Kinesthetic called VARK. Educators also use different teaching styles to explain the concepts on different subjects as per their wish and ease. Often the result becomes unsatisfactory due to the incompatibility between the teaching and learning styles of the teacher and the student. To overcome that challenge we have developed an innovative methodology called iLearn (Integrated Learning) which is a combination of traditional one-to-one physical classroom teaching backed by the most advanced technology enabled resources. Here the teacher will deliver all topics with a systematic and disciplined approach to ensure maximum involvement of each & every student. With this methodology students will learn even the most complex and abstract concepts and their applications in an interesting and easily understandable way. The four steps integrated together to for this iLearn (Integrated Learning) methodology are as below :-

Concept Development

During concept development stage the student is introduced to basic concepts along with helping them to understand the purpose and logic of the concepts being taught and the relevance of the topics in real life.

Activity Based Learning

The concept is further being enriched through simulation, virtual labs, and collaborative exercises involving games, activities and discussions. These activities can be computer-based, or through manipulative and experiments. We prefer to use real life examples and most often in areas that the students will otherwise be interested. The focus is as much on ‘why’ the concept is relevant to them as ‘how’ to apply it.

Students are also encouraged and guided to take some relevant individual / group projects on each major topic for better understanding and interest on the subjects.

Skill Based Assessment

After each topic there is a topic test and after every three to four chapters there are mock tests to assess the skill level of the students. The questions are normally set at two to three different levels and the students are gradually exposed at the higher levels of difficulty after successfully performed at a particular level. In this stage we also discuss on the usual and critical

mistakes made by the students and encourage them to learn from the mistakes for permanent retention.

Personalized Remediation

The performance of the students have been monitored & analyzed by our experts and the gaps have been identified on individual basis. Accordingly it is being decided which stage from the above needs to be repeated to take the student at a desired level. If it is found that the student lacks in concepts then further supports are given to develop the concept followed by assessment and remedial measures to ensure the knowledge gap has been filled properly. If the student needs some more practice to achieve perfection or minimize mistakes then they are exposed with rigorous practice sessions followed by assessment and remedial measures till the desired level is not attained.